BOHO Quilt

As you know, I have been into quilting a lot lately. Trying out new things, along with new patterns, colours, fills, all the good stuff. This how ever is the 1st quilt that I have ever put out there for sale on ETSY. EXCITING I KNOW! I have to say on that note that its a quilt I had a lot of issues with. IF you know me, I am not a BOHO, hipster, fringe type of person, but i am a person who is interesting in working with different markets.

As you can see from the fabric, this quilt has the BOHO feel. Tween/teen girls are who I thought of when I started making this quilt. The type of girls who are not afraid of colour and pattern.

In this quilt I also wanted to go for something a little thicker and warmer. A product for not just the summer but a nice winter night.

I did not use any sort of “pattern” to construct this quilt. I went for something more free form, a see where this takes me. something i am not normally use to; i like to have things planned.

If you have any questions, or are interested in having me make a quilt for you, please feel free to e-mailme

If you are interested in my quilt please check out my ETSY page.


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