Modern Quilt….Cozy up!

I love the idea of having a nice quilt to cozy up with. Nothing to light, or the thick , but just right. The right size, the right comfort level and the right design. I have taken to quilting lately as many of you know, and I have been insipred by the modern quilt movement. I love the idea of taking a centuries old traditon and making it something new.

As you have seen from my other postings on here I like taking vinage looking fabrics, and mixing them with a modern patters: CHEVRON QUILT, TOILE FANTASY, is a great example of this.

I have also have been playing with modern fabrics and modern patters.

This is the Off-Set Squares!

This is the great little quilt everyone needs in their home: at the end of the bed, over the back of the sofa, or in that favourite chair we all have. The front design is concentric square radiating out from a main square. Made from 100% cotton , including the inner batting, this quilt will be the cozy friend everyone needs. The size of this lap-quilt is 50″wide by 67″ tall, and as you can see from the pictures easily wraps around a 6′ tall man.

Currently on sale on my Etsy Page.

Price: $125

New Home : TBA

Care: This Product is cotton, Please Machine wash separate in the delicate cycle. Dry in the air fluff / low hear setting, or hang to dry.


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