The money of a coin quilt

I really like the lines and clean simplicity of a coin quilt. I like the idea that you can combine all of your favorite fabrics for a line , family, or colour hue making them really pop against a solid base colour. The fabrics you choose for the “coins” really could be of any design, and any sort of era. Demask, toile, polka dots , maybe a nice pin stripe, and make it something for “modern” These kinds of quilts can make a big statement in any room. Plus it’s a great way to use up strips from ones stash or a fun jelly roll.

I found a jelly roll online where I could only really see one of the fabrics, but I took a gamble and went for it. I think the gamble went well! The turquoise, grey and chartreuse made it for me. I thought what a great coin quilt this would make and I love working with beautiful colours. The tones and variations of the fabrics, then just pairing it with the plain white! Art! I am letting the colour in the fabric stand out and speak for itself.

All that being said this quilt itself is fully free motioned. Totally. With my wee machine was not the easiest thing to do. Like man-handling a cow up back stairs. Anyways I even free motioned the binding ;) this was a great work of art for me.

I also enjoy the style of these quilts because they are so quick and easy to set up and getting going on. Sometimes they can be done in a weekend or a few days depending on how big you want to make the quilt. So if its need a quilt you need fast for a prezzy, for a clients , or for a show this is a great pattern I look to.

Status : Christmas prezzy

New home: London , UK

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