In London with no time to sew sadly.

As you know, if you follow me on Instagram (@originalalexander) I am currently in the UK on holiday. Which it is nice to get away; but sadly this means that I have not been able to sew and post things. Let me tell you that I am missing it ever ever so much. I miss the creative process, being behind a machine working with the materials.

Do not fret! I have naturally been on the lookout for fabric and craft stores; which of course I have found some interesting ones out there. I have also been encountering new fabrics, which get my mind racing. Naturally I have had to purchase some of said mind racing fabric, and I will have posts about my finds soon. The patterns of the fabric have a more floral sway and a “granny” lean to them. Nothing I would normally go for really, but hey why not try something new? Put my spin on things.

I have also been enlightened to interesting types of quilting here; at least what I have seen in the shops. What I am talking about here is not mass produced items one would find in a high street shop, but more, things you would find in small retailers down a side street. I have found that many quilts in specialty shops have been of the “vintage” variety. More of the boho chic look; sun faded, loved ,little rough around the edges. Something you would have seen in an old Paris apartment, or a great country house, casually tossed over a wing back chair. I have also seen that a lot of the quilts use a brick pattern design, and look like they are made from old shirts, bedding, cushions, dresses. Which gives them this hand-me-down quality. Something I have never really worked with. Always good to see different styles of quilted items.

Also I see the use of hand quilting . Straight stitch “Amish style” quilting. Which I have taken a fancy to. I know there is a sewing machine what will do that type of single stitch, and I will have to look into it. Or if you know of said machine, let me know !


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