Batiks, What?

Batik fabrics are new to me. Not that I have not seen them on the market. Not that I have not seen them In the fabric shops or used in garments. I just have never really had any interest in them, and I have never really seen any patterns on the fabrics that I have particularly liked.

What has changed this view a little was when I signed up for two craftsy classes on how to dye your own fabrics at home. I thought great, I could make my own fabric patterns. Sexy! I would love to design my own textile range ! My own patterns and thoughts; amazing! So I have to say I am very very excited about the full process and naturally I will blog about that indeed.

Anyways back to these batiks I bought while on my adventures in London. I have never worked with batiks, so that is how they are new to me. I have never found them that interesting. Also never really gone shopping for them in the shops, but I saw these today and I just could not say no. I found them in a jumbled pile of other random fat quarter bundles. (Mostly plaids and florals) Something about the dots on the bleached out fabric caught my eye. Did I find a batik I liked? Shocking! Maybe it was the bleached out look, or just the way these are patterned. Maybe because they are not super crazy with layer and layer of colour.

This bundle came with 8 fat quarters, so approximately 2 yards of fabric, which is a good amount, and I am excited to start using them. That being said , How? Frankly I do not know yet what I am to do with the fabric, but that’s fine. Sometimes it’s nice to have the fabric in ones stash. Quilt ? Pillows? Toiletry bags? Oh pot holders?

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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