Whale of a time!

I have been keeping this quilt under wraps for the longest time! I did not want photos to get out, and spoilt the surprise.

My friends had decided not to know the sex of their baby, which I think is great, more people should do this. But the hard thing with that is… how do you plan a room and make it interesting, gender neutral, and not be so void of any taste. And most of all how does on plan the textiles? Baby will be using them from day one!

A baby quilt, should last with the child through the years. Transcending the ages with good stylish qualities. Qualities that should work into any room, any lifestyle, living arrangement, or at any age.  A baby quilt should not be that, just for babies and then discarded at the age of 2.  This quilt I made, as you may have guessed it, is called “a whale of a time.” Naturally because it has a whale theme going on! I consulted with the mother to be, to find out what she was looking for in a quilt for her new baby.

The process was enriching, and highly informative. She told me that it’s either super baby, or so boring and plain. Nothing, and she had stressed this; there was nothing with a happy medium. Neutral (not boring) was the key for her; things that could be built on, layered upon, and NO baby monkeys, chicks, and so forth. Fine by me really, I personally think the baby monkey thing is way to played out.

When I went shopping for ideas, fabric colours, something I could work from. And just like I was told… its was either SUPER BABY go go go, blue and pink explosion, or all white. Snore!

Then I found whales… who does not like whales! Whales are always the right thing!

Cotton, Check. Easy clean, check, interesting, check! I will admit this fabric is a little busy, but I toned that down buy taking the base fabric (the whales) and using a soft cream to frame it. This along with making the quilt visually interesting, this also made the main fabric pop, so you could see the whales. WHALES! On the back I could not help myself, I appliquéd a whale! Making this quilt interesting and fun on both sides! And very versatile, two quilts in one.

Size: 55″ x 55″ approx

Status: gift

Sew home: baby Hudsons room of Coquitlam, B.C

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me!



2 thoughts on “Whale of a time!

  1. This quilt is going on almost 2 years strong with no end in sight!!! We’ve had a whale of a time with it from cuddling on the couch to tummy-time to bedspread chic to lately, picnicking with us……go whales, go!


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