I guess I should start off by saying what a sting quilt is, and please note the pictures above are two string quilts I am working on.

“String quilting gets its name from the long strips of fabric that are used to make a quilt… the strings. Strings are sewn randomly to a permanent foundation that’s often cut from muslin. You can use another fabric for the foundation if you like, or a thinner material, even prints, but choose something that won’t show through the strings after the blocks are assembled.

String quilts likely originated as a make do technique created by budget conscious quilters, because the method is a perfect way to use leftover scraps of fabric. The technique is still a great way to use quilting scraps, but today’s quilters often purchase fabrics just so they can cut them into strings. “(

So that’s the gist of it. Now when I first starting reading about and see string quilts, I was a little will skeptical. YES by all means it’s a great way to use all the left over scraps that other wise just sit in your stash but well they look like a lot of hard work, and the paper piecing, and the colours, oh my god… so much to think about. Who has time? Where do you start? What? Who? Freak out!

I dove in, why not? What do I have to lose? I teach myself new things all the time. Plus that big pile of unused bits sitting my a bin that really has no other place in my works, lets them up. PLUS and this is a big plus for me… I HATE WASTE!

So you can buy pre-sized paper piecing papers for this, which when I saw them, I thought that it was a waste of money (sorry companies that make them/people who sell them) I don’t find the need for them, especially since we have old phone books laying around my house. This is a great why to use something that just sits there. (Really? A big phone book, who goes through that anymore) Yes I know the phone book paper in the end will be pealed off, but it can be recycled!

I cut my phone book pages to the size I wanted, and started. It was an odd experience to start, sewing through paper and fabric. It worked out well though. Again I cannot stress enough that the materials that you are using would other wise be waste, thrown away, clogging up landfills! Also I found it a great way to use up all the random thread I had laying around. We all have them… 1/2 bobbins of a random colour, or a spool that is ALMOST done. All in all I have found this is be a “good for the sole” project, and it’s not something that needs to be completed all at once. Plus it’s really not that hard like I thought it was going to be! Since everything is so random, I did a few squares one day, a few the next.

As you can see I am still working on my String quilt. I will naturally post up a finished project soon!



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