Unfinished projects

As I had mentioned a few days ago, I was un-boxing all my fabrics from their stored homes in rubber maids tubs. Let me tell you the pile…PILE of unfinished pillows and quilt tops! I was amazed and what I had created while in a small basement flat waiting for my apartment to be ready. AMAZED!

I love a good graphic pattern. Geometrics are my friends frankly, and the bolder the better. I am personally not very big on patterned fabrics, which being said there is a few that do catch my eye, and get my going. (Zen chic-comma) I generally like to play with solids and let the fabric talk. I also don’t normally like to use patterns, not saying I don’t, but I like to free form it. Or I see a pattern I like online, in a book, or in a store, and I try to make it my own. Sometimes I will write the pattern down, other not so much. That being said, if you find something on my site, and you would like to have it made for you, please feel free to contact me.

I will say another thing, and I will blog about this later, I love using pre-cuts. LOVE THEM! I find them more visually interesting, maybe it because to grew up with Lego, and think of them as such. Building blocks to a new quilt top, to new possibilities!

Lastly while unpacking I found my Accuquilt “go baby” fabric cutter. I have to say that I had forgot how amazing this little thing is! I am so pleased!


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