Good things… Chevron Packages?

I have not been able to make myself anything in a long time, with the move, and the unpacking, and frankly making things for other people. I bought fabric for myself months ago, thinking I would be able to knock something off in my down time…which is never it seems, but last week I finally got to sewing for me!

I love chevrons, I love stripes, I love dots, and as you know I love most graphic prints. Bold bold bold graphics are another way to make boring space stand out.

So back to this fabric, I wanted to do something a little fun this time for myself, and stay in keeping with my personal design ascetic. Once again I am using solid fabrics, as I wanted the pattern that I was sewing to be the focus.  So I got to it.

I had a left over layer cake in white, and I had bought the yellow and grey earlier, all Bella solids, and I let me self loose. Half square triangles was the name of the game that day. Sew, sew ,sew, and a cut, cut cut! I wanted to be as random in the colour placement as possible, so all I knew was I need to make a queen size quilt (90”x108”) and that I need to use at the full white layer cake, and that I needed another 55 ish squares to complete it. So I went on cutting… a pile of yellow, and grey came forth.  Sew them all together, cut and cut, and HST galore!

Now because I wanted to be rather random I didn’t count anything, which is fun because you never know what you might end up with. I then started sewing everything together, block-to-block, and row-to-row.  I have to say it has turned out better then I ever thought! Now all I have to do it back it and quilt it up! I think it turned out better really then I had expected; so much so that I made matching pillowcases!

I also found that I got a number of responses off my intagram/ facebook/ twitter about it. Most people where very interested, but are looking for a duvet cover. So naturally I am putting aside my own project, and making a duvet cover proto



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