Waste not… Want Everything

I hate fabric waste. I am just putting it out there… I hate it. Maybe that’s why I have so many scraps everywhere that I try to think up a use for.

Myself being from the west coast of Canada, Vancouver in-fact, may have something to do with it. I grew up with recycling, and doing well by the environment, so when I see fabric lying around I feel I have to use it… and make it into something great. I personally keep a lot of me scraps, just in case if I need to make something quick or funky for someone, or really just to see it not sitting in a landfill. Everything can have a use.

Naturally I can not save everything, lets be honest here, that ¼” strip of cut off I cant really use. I know there are people who do, and more power to them, I am making talking about the left over cuts from some half square triangles, or the last 3” segments of a jelly roll strip . I am the guy who keeps those. You never know right?

I have made one String quilt top so far with all my scraps, saving them from the land-fill, so there I do my little part, and frankly I was pleased with the way it turned out. (Scrap quilt ) I have been also using my accuquilt dies to save as much as possible too. I have some basic shape dies, Tumblers, squares, ect, and I take my left over’s and see what will fit on which. Least that way I have a nice collection of a shape to use later, making it easy for my to continue crating.


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