Bold in Gold

Last week I talked about not wanting to waste anything. Its all-true, Wasting things makes me angry. So here are two prime examples for what I was talking about, these two pillows.

When I was working in the interior design trade (linkedin) I would collected all sorts of samples from different manufactures, in most cases they where free, and I would use them to present them to clients. Not all the time did they get returned or need to be returned, they would be kept in my fabric library. Naturally these means over time they would get discontinued and taken out the the manufactures line. So what does one do with these? Well I am making pillows for my etsy site.

In these examples I made here I used a great fabric by a company called Donghia out of the USA.  The fabric is 45% linen, 31% silk and 24% cotton and name is called “fresco” and the colourway is “03- cadmium Yellow” if anyone is looking for it.  Anyways, I have some large samples in my library so I figured I would put them to good use. Once again I got out my trusty accuquilt –go baby cutter and dies to see what shape would best use all the fabric, for as little waste as possible.

My large ½ hex was going to be the one! Plus hexagons are so very in fashion right now. I went with  the gold of the donghia fabric with the black of my Bella solids black by Moda fabrics. I really wanted the graining of the gold to come through , and the black I felt did that, plus it sets it off to a degree where you really notice what is going on.

Both pillows are currently on sale on my Etsy site




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