Running on Tables

Running on tables

Today was a day for table runners.  I have a number of charm packs in my stash of fabric, and I thought that it would be easy way to start using them up. Fabric, which sits around in boxes, and on shelves, always seems so sad to me.

I have always liked the idea of table linen, and I like the idea of having a little fun with my table linen. Why should it be boring? Yes I know there is a time and place for formal whites, don’t get me wrong, I have white items too… BUT I have to say a fun runner makes an evening, is a great way to show of a spread, or just a great way to make a table stand out.

In this case I made three today … fun and interesting, and naturally I will have them on my etsy site.

The first is my nautical dream runner. Nautical things are very hot right now in the world of design. From clothes, to interiors, to accessories; boats… fish … whales… sailors!!! AAAAA you know it, and you all love it. That being said not always does someone what to commit to the full current trend. Sometimes just a few pieces and give you that on point look for the season, and frankly for less money then a full interior redo or wardrobe change out This is one of those items.

The second frankly is my favorite; Retro in all aspects, from colours, to prints, And over all themes. The colours are so fun, and the prints take you to that time period … completing the look. I have it shown here on my Danish teak table, and notice now it just works so well. Again maybe it’s just that one item that will give your table that finishing touch. A full retro look is not for everyone, but with something like this runner, it just gives that hint.


The last one I think would be a great addition to any outdoor living area. The fun and rich colours on this just remind me of cocktails in the cabana. Drink please!

A good table runner can add excitement to any table. Maybe you should try it?



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