Precuts: I love

I have to say that ever since I started sewing and quilting and creating, I have always been fascinated buy pre-cut fabrics. Now a days every company has there own names and terms for things like  “jelly rolls”, “roll ups” and such, but its more the idea of them that gets me going. I was a child of the 80s/ 90s. I didn’t have the game cube, controller, and touch pod things of today. I had good old building blocks, Lego, and the one game boy game I had… Tetris. I grew up with shapes fitting into other shapes, working those shapes into new shapes. SHAPES! My sewing I find is like those games to me, and precuts work right into that. Building blocks for new ideas to form

I sometimes just lay out all the precuts I have in me stash out on the floor and look, stare, ponder at them to see what comes into my mind. Will it be solids I work with today? Prints? A mixture of? I just find precuts always provide me with that base of where to go next. Sometime I don’t even use precuts, but just having them there helps me map things out.

Another reason I am so fond of precuts is because I find I get less waste out of them, and I am sure you all know how I feel about waste.



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