A quilt to me.

I have been holding onto a jellyroll from my favourite fabric line; comma, by Zen Chic, and I figured that since it was my birthday I should really make something for myself. ME… Myself! Why not right?

I had been going through my normal reading / social media outlets, and I was really drawn to this “feather” pattern and feather designs in quilts and fabric. There was something about it; the random yet structured design just got to me, caught my eye if you will. I found the style architectural, stunning and since I went to school for interior design it was something that I really wanted to try in my work.

I don’t normally work from a pattern; I like free form my work, or try and interpret things in my own way. I found that the jellyroll I had might be just enough to make something like I was seeing on the social media. I naturally gravitated to the gray fabric in the comma, line and wanted that to be the background base for the quilt. I was please to find that the Bella Solid – Graphite (9900 202 ) I had left from another project was going to match great.

I always have a nervous feeling when unrolling and cutting into a fresh new jellyroll. Maybe not nervous, more like giddy… I know odd. Anyways, I wanted to make this quilt really show off the comma, fabric line as much as possible.

When cutting I wanted to make waste as minimal as possible so I decided to cut the strips into varying but unified widths, 3”, 5”, 7”, and 10” at a 30 degree pitch making sure that I had strips going in both directions; In theory I was making a broken chevron pattern. I then just started sewing the strips of the jellyroll together, making sure to be as random as possible. After every few strips of the jelly roll, I would add some of the graphite grey to add negative spaces and create depth. I then added grey to each end of the jellyroll sections and there you go. I then added thin sashing between the finished sections and then I sewed each finished section together to make the quilt top.

When it came to quilting this, I wanted to try something new. I went for a pebble, or circle theme but only in the thin sashing; why not right? Another fun touch I did for this quilt…with the left over scraps, which was not much, I was able to sew them together and make the binding! Super fun!

All in all I am very pleased with what the end product turned out to be. Again I just try to go with my gut; Happy birthday to me.


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