For the last little while I have been displaced. Not able to work on projects what so ever, except the odd pillow here and there. Wahhh wahhh! That all has changed recently when I got my keys back to my apartment in Downtown Vancouver; It had been rented while I was away for a year on a job. I have to say it’s very nice to be back home! This means naturally that I can start unpacking all my fabrics and 1/2 finished projects I have been hoarding. Let me tell you that there are a lot of 1/2 finished project, and frankly A LOT of fabric!

I think for the next little while I need to focus on getting those done! Naturally right? But here is the thing… I love to create, I love to sew, I love the design process, so when I am out shopping I always find some new fabric or new possible idea, and I just want to go home and start working on it! Who doesn’t right?

I had about 5 massive rubber maid tubs full of fabric and projects, which in a way while unpacking was like looking in a store. I was getting inspired again, getting ready to create. I found fabrics that I had totally forgot about, and got excited for! It was a little magical thinking about what crazy things I could come up with.

I will figure it out!


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