Boho… To Soho?

If you remember a few months ago, I bought an array of pre cut fabric bundles from Liberty of London, well while I was in London.

I decided to work with them finally. I have to say that right now that the fabric itself, cotton lawn, is amazing to work with. The softness alone makes me a little giddy.  When I bought these pre cuts, they where fully rolled up and in plastic so I really only got a glimpse of what was inside, and what patterns I would be getting.  All I really knew was they there were generally colour coordinated, which was nice, and that in true Liberty form the fabrics would be highly patterned.

Once I unwrapped the bundles I found that the fabric was cut into long strips, about 50” long, and were a variety of widths. A treat I must say! Sewing all the strips together made a quilt top about 50” by 70”, a great lap size, and by doing this it really showed off the uniqueness off each pattern.  I have to say some of the Liberty patterns are so detailed, that really you could just frame them and use them as art.

Anyways once I had finished with the tops, I thought about what to do on the back. I didn’t want to take away from the beauty on the front I decided really the only thing to do what have a plain white backing. I did however decide that I would bind this quilt a little differently.  By wrapping the front fabrics back over and onto the back fabric, almost in a self-binding fashion. I thought it added a touch of class to the quilts, and made the front more stream lined.


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