I make the NEWS!

I have really been into pillow making as of late, and one of my favourite types to make are “word pillows”. I love word pillows… and here is why… they can literally say something. Funny, sad, crass, or very personal. Also they can be a great conversation starter at parties.

In this case I used a 16″ by 24″ down pillow insert, some very very white cotton twill, and lastly some copper faux leather.  The pillow itself was easy enough to make, and like I always do … I surge the inner edges so nothing frays. and it feels and looks more professional. Like always it was the lettering that took up the most time. Being that it was faux leather, I had to be rather careful , you really can’t go back the fix what has been sewn through.

I always like to affix the letters 1st with heat and bond to the front of the pillow. This makes it easier for the letters to stay put and keep from shifting. For this pillow I used the heat and bond Ultra… I REALLY wanted it to stick on, plus I feel its more professional. Once affixed, I like to then sew the letters down with a 2.5 length stitch 1/8″ from the edge with a matching thread.

This pillow in particular was make for a friend who worked in television news; and every time I look at it, I giggle.


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