You always remember your first~~

I know that seems to be a bit of a hidden message title, but hey it is 😛

You always remember your first sewing project or quilt. I remember in the 3rd grade hand sewing pillows of mothers day, which we had a draw a picture on iron on transfer paper. I remember it vividly because mine had a nautical theme on it. Whale, boat, waves, the whole nine yards; and on the back? Fully glamourous orange, red, and black corduroy. It was the high of home fashion at the time let me tell you!

From there on I would do small things every once in a while, nothing large, and since I didn’t have my own machines at the time, I would haul out my mothers big old brown and cream kenmore number. ( It was and 80s machine… those were hot colours)

I really didn’t get back into sewing until I was living on my own. I was out looking for pillows and hated EVERYTHING, or if I did see something it was vastly to much. I went to a Walmart, bought a cheep singer machine, and got to sewing. Very basic pillows…VERY. I would also make tote bags, and such, just to pass the time.

I really didn’t get into quilting until one late night search on youtube, where I randomly found a video on a “jelly roll race” quilt by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. I was mesmerized. I watched the video over and over. I could do that! and why not! It seems like something I could take on with ease and have few …. some… little… issues alone the way.

This being said, I had never  heard of a Jelly roll bundle, nor really looked for one. Naturally I googled  it to see where I could find some online to order. I found a web site, watched the video again to see what I actually needed in terms of supplies, and ordered away. Waiting for those 2 weeks for the package was pure hell; I wanted to start so badly. Once the order finally showed up, I got to work right away… at my dinning room table… following along with the video, keeping up as best as I could. Hours passed, and the seem ripper came out a few times… but….

Here it is! My very first quilt, in all its glory.

Yes I know it is an odd size and yes I know that things seem a little wonky, its not as random is the videos and that it is very …. beige … but I love it, and still love it to this day. It has been with me on my moves, it has been a doggy bed, it has been a cuddle date night blanket.3 It get washed, used and loved, and I would not change it for the world.



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