A bad day better.


We all have them; those days where nothing seems to go right. Where everything is all up in there air, nothing goes the way it is suppose to , and you just want to crawl back into bed.

Yes, I had one of those as of late, where I just wanted to be no where else but at home. Where I need to decompress from a stressy day.

What do I love to do to destress? I like to sew.

Recently I took time out of my life to go through my sewing room in full. Looking at every little bit of fabric and how I had them all organized and sorted. I also looked at all my projects I had on the go. I have a lot, and one of the projects I had laid out many many months ago, was a pillow for my living room sofa. I had found a beautiful “blood spatter” looking fabric, and some yellow pipping.  The where just huddled  together, sitting on a shelf waiting and calling my. Today was going to be the day!

So I had the bad day, and I personally find the sound of the sewing machine really soothing. That rhythm and feeling of making something I find comforting, knowing that something is getting accomplished, finished,  and best of all checked of my project list!

I laid the fabric on the floor, and started cutting. Once done, I was off to my sewing room and pumped out a pillow; naturally I put it an invisible sipper.  BAM bad day was lessened and I have a new pillow for the living room.



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