Friday night sew-in 


As everyone knows, I am a big fan of going out places, meeting people, and being social. Sometime though there is nothing better then heading over to a friends house, having some wine, and having a Friday night sew-in. In the Case of this past Friday, that was the name of the game.

I friend of mine got a sewing machine for christmas, and has been learning to use it on her own. She even went to took a class at the spool of thread here in Vancouver  ( where she was taught how to make a cute little tote! I love when people take up a nice calming hobby.

So she invited me over for a Friday night Sew-in. Lets makes totes!

I love a good tote,and for a beginner like her, a tote is a great place to start. Its simple, easy, and gets you introduced to many techniques that you can you later in other sewing projects.  For someone with more skill, its a great place to try new things, experiment, and expend on the classic tote idea. Add a pocket here, a zipper there, maybe a little trim, you really can’t go wrong. No matter how it turns out, a tote will always be useful and practical; a great place to carry things.

I happened to grab any old fabric I had in my stash, a grey with silver polka-dot that i has had laying around that i had originally bought for making pillows. I went for an oversized jumbo tote to hold all the nick-nacks I seem to haul around. I haul a lot 😛



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