A Quilt for Jayne and Spencer


I love a personalized gift. A gift that someone will remember for along time, and remember you when they see it. My friend Jayne was getting married, which I sadly could not make it to the wedding in Chicago,  but i wanted to be there in spirt, and I knew from the start that I wanted to make a quilt for the gift.

I asked her about the colours that her and now husband would like in a quilt. Always a good start when making a quilt for someone: white and greys where it. Easy enough to do, and frankly it gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted ! I love getting creative; the freedom in design. There was one requirement she had, that being able to hang it on the wall. A rod pocket was needed! Something nice and discreet, and I have to be honest, I had never done a rod pocket! I was little nervous, but ever so excited to try something new to me.

With the requirements in mind, I thought about what kind of design what be exciting, thrilling, and interesting enough to want to hang on the hall if they ever wanted to/ needed too.

At the time I have just received my new triangle die cutter for my accuquilt go baby cutter, and I was looking for a thrilling project to start using it with. Triangles…. how could I not! Everyone love triangles!

With the design… kind of sorted out, it was more about what kind of fabric would be needed to work with the design. I went to one of my local fabric stores , The Cloth Shop, and started searching around. Looking and looking, and found myself being drawn to the batiks; a fabric type that I have not worked with much nor normally find myself looking at. I found a lovely black/white/shades of grey bundle sitting on a top shelf. It had everything I wanted…Movement, interest, and frankly … the right colour pallet; which combined with the very straight geometric of the triangles, I felt would work well.

I got a cutting! Endlessly cutting out the triangles one evening while watching tv. Rolling the fabric through my cutter,  making sure that the batiks were never really in the same direction, but the white was on the right grain, and perfect.

Next it was onto the actual design on the quilt itself. I knew that I wanted to do something asymmetric, but what? and how? Normally I like to have everything planned to a T.. but this time a decided to see where the fabric took me. Just go with the flow!

After a few days on sewing all the triangles together in a very random pattern, making sure that there was a good mix of white and batiks. I wanted to make sure that the randomness of the batiks would be reflected in the pattern of the triangle. After sewing everything together, triangle to triangle, row to row, the next thought turned to how to quilt the quilt. I decided that I wanted to do a free motion quilting style, in a plain white thread. Why? so that on the back side it would look almost invisible, and on the front it would not interfere with the triangles and the batiks, but adding a nice texture.

And there you have it the ” Jayne and Spencer Quilt” done!



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