Chapmans Quilt

IMG_0208A house warming gift should be that, warm! Or at least useful for the intended recipients. I have a habit of making quilt for friends when they have a house warming. Yes it takes time and effort, but it’s something they can use for years to come.

This is what I would call a modern quilt, and rightly so. Looking at the grey scale of it, and the 70s racer short like motif, I think thats about right.

As this was going to his first home, grey was the answer. Let’s be honest, grey will work in almost any home, and almost go with anything possible, and can Move from home, home to home and work in almost any decor.

What is it? Can you tell? Well it’s a Jelly Roll quilt! I found this great grey scale jelly at Joann fabrics and could not resist it. From there it was just a case of playing with shapes and the 30 degree marks on my cutting mat.

I have to say I really enjoyed quilting this one. I just went for some straight lines. that is it! Just attached my walking foot, and starting sewing. I have to say that I like straight line quilting more then I like free motion quilting; something just more satisfying about it. I will also say that I was mighty satisfied when I finished all the random lines on this one.



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