Do I start on etsy again ?


This is a question that I have been asking myself for a while now. DO I start using and selling on etsy again or do I just keep with doing custom work, and private inquiry sales? I have issues with both really.

I like the idea of selling to a global market place, and I like the idea of getting my “brand” out there; reaching more people is always a good thing. I find though etsy, as of late, is full of not so hand-made items, with people just hawking ready-made items, pitching them off as “handmade”. Which is fine I guess, but I am finding it’s not the same as it use to be; I could be wrong though.

I like seeing a picture of the person who made the product, the little bio write-up, and knowing there was a process, and thought put into the item.

I like etsy because I get to make things when I want, post when I want, and when I feel like it. I have the ability to be a little more creative, and be  a little more free with my designs. That being said, there is a double edge sword to that too. I have to make things that are little more neutral, sellable and “mass market”. It really is a toss-up there.

I think I’ll be posting my christmas stockings on there soon and see how it goes?

Going the more private customer way means that really it is more word of mouth marketing, social medial, and this means sales could be slow. I like this method because I can make things that wows the clients, and something that meets their needs. Again jobs could be few and far between, so what does one do to fill the time?

Really it’s about the combination of the two ways. But it’s about getting that mix just right to make enough sales and people interested. I plan on adding some things to my etsy site soon, so we will see.



1 thought on “Do I start on etsy again ?

  1. It’s interesting to read your post about both, I’m trying to start a little etsy shop at the moment. I suppose it depends on what you get the most pleasure out of, or maybe if your custom items are few and far between you could do both! The decision I suppose would come later when you get busier.


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