New years…Mess


I know a lot of us make big crazy New Years goals . This, that, or the other; it’s always something we TRY and keep. Really though, how many of us do keeping them ? Gym, eat less , spend less, blah blah . I know personally I have had them all too.

This year I want to have something I can feel good about doing, while striking off a a few large items off my list .

What you say ? Well…..

I goal is to not buy any more fabric  until I have used up 75% / 100% of my stash! That’s right… None …zero.

Let’s be honest, when we go to the fabric store, and I am guilty of this too,  we always buy something. May it be because it was a good deal or something we “might ” need, or and an upcoming project is just around the corner. I personally do this all the time, leading to the massive book shelf full of fabric, and the two totes under the bed. It will be hard naturally, walking into a fabric store just to browse but I need to get the mass of fabric under control. its to much to handle. and I being the fabric hoarder… I keep almost every scrap!

This takes me to my next item; patterns. This will give me a great opportunity to start using all the patterns I keep buying . Which again I buy fabric for and then tuck away ! I have fabric…. LOTS! I just need to start using it.

It’s magpie syndrome!


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