Clean space ; clean mind? 


I have this theory that a happy work area is well organized, and well looked after. This also could be my Virgo-ness coming out. A work area should be clean, everything having its place, labeled , colour coded; providing inspiration for the user. A place that is a joy to work in.

Mine currently is not. Mine is a mess, full of scraps, half finished projects, pins , and just general chaos. Also I stepped on one of my pod cushions… 20 pins in my foot.

I have a problem, and I am the 1st to admit it, I collect fabric. Not intentionally either ! I ….I swear ! It’s true thought; it’s seems to be an issue with many of the people sewing out there. I know … I check. I personally can’t get rid of fabric, I have to save it some some reason; But why I am saving it for some unknown project that I might be / could be doing is a mystery.

I think also it has to do with the large amount of textile waste in the world. So awful. I just don’t like the idea of something that can be made into something beautiful thrown away.

I have also thought about donating it. To whom then? School? Art classes ? Other crafters?

There is my social rant for the time being!



1 thought on “Clean space ; clean mind? 

  1. Hi Alexander. My sewing space is in a similar state, as is my fabric stash! Do you have H&M stores where you are? They have a great textile recycling scheme (I cover briefly it in my second blog post) which I use for small fabric leftovers. It’s harder to know what to do with larger pieces of fabric though.


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