Totes a lot!

 My place of employment does a secret Santa each year at the annual holiday brunch. I like the idea of secret Santa, but it bothers me at the same time. Never knowing who to buy for, and what to buy? Will the person hate it? Will they Re-gift it? A gift should be something useful, interesting, and bring joy to the end user.

As always I went right to my sewing room to come up with the gift. Something hand-made to me is always more thoughtful then a mass market gift. Not that there is anything wrong with a mass market gift, I just personally like to make something. I know that makes it less then a “secret” but I don’t care.

This year I made an over sized tote bag. I personally love giving a tote to someone, as they are always so useful for a multitude of things. Plus I have never hear anyone say they would give a tote back.

This particular tote I made with a sample from a high end trade only fabric showroom; being “trade” I was able to sneak around their samples. TIP: if you are able to visit these, they are an excellent source for interesting unusual fabrics. This particular fabric was a heavy weight ecat linen. Something not to flashy, but yet still interesting enough to get noticed, where the colours would not be offending anyone. Lined in a simple grey cotton, with pockets for a mobile phone , pens, and other things ; the end user has many possibilities. Lastly the base ? Well that is left over upholstery fabric I had from another project. All in all a project / gift cost nothing to produce , and it saved these fabric from the land fill.

Was there a pattern? No. For this project I completely free formed it. I just went with the flow. Sometimes it’s nice to do this as it can really get your creative thought prosess going.




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