What’s in a label?


What is in a label? Frankly it could mean everything!

I have always been a person interested in the marketing and advertising of a product. Every detail, every colour choice, and even when I was in college I was very concerned and conscious of how things were formatted and labeled. It really does matter!

Pictured above is my label I put on my sewing projects. Everything from quilts to pillows to shirts . Everything .

Really the label is your brand, no matter if your style and aesthetics change…”evolve”, the brand will be there and your labels let’s clients know you are there .

Lets be honest, we buy based on it. When you go the pick a bottle of wine, unless you are looking for that one type you know you like, you are looking at the labels to see what catches your eye. I do it all the time. “OOOOO this one has a bunny on it”

It happens with fashion, accessories, life! WE all can spot a brand by the label, or the design on the label. Look at the Nike swoosh, or the Louis Vuitton LV; all very known just by the design of the label.

I am fully aware that it takes time to grow a following, but time gives me the ability to craft my products just right. Maybe will be drooled over one day.


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