A quilt for Peter


If you are a quilter you might spot what is going on in this quilt, and if you are not…well let me tell you! This is a Jelly Roll quilt! Yes, that is right! A Jelly Roll! I love pre cuts, and I am sure if you read my blog on a regular basis, you will know that. I am a big fan of pre cuts, with the ease of it, the speed, and the fact I can take one pre made item and turn it into another.

I have always been a fan a large bold geometric print… always! Everyone I feel needs to have something of this nature in his or her home. Whether it be in a tonal form, white and cream let’s say, to the very graphic black and white. Either way, I think there is something soothing about it. Maybe it’s a nice repetition, or the way your eye falls upon it.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of giving personalized gifts. Gifts that is useful, that have effort and thought put into them. My friend Peter was having a house warming which also happened to coincide with his birthday, so naturally I had to do a quilt. It seems to be becoming a small tradition for me to make a quilt for friends whom have purchased new a new home/ special occasion… babies and such.

Why this black and white number, and what made me choose this pattern? Well black and white to me is a classic. You can’t go wrong! The fact that one can enjoy it in almost every home and in any setting really makes it a winning combo. I will have to be honest here; I was late when it came to starting the party on this project. I hate being late. I had left myself two days to get something going, that would look good, and would be memorable. Making this design a must for me in terms of speed plus I knew I could do it with the fabrics I had. Hello stash of goodies! There was little guesswork on how the pattern would come together. Quilting this was simple; just got out my trusty walking foot and followed the lines created from the piecing of the quilt. Horizontal lines, back and forth, back and forth for many hours. I felt I did not want the quilting to take away from the boldness of the pattern by choosing a complicated all over quilting pattern. What is on the back you ask? Well plain black. I’m not one for doing fancy quilt backs, namely because I don’t want them to take focus from the front.

There you have it

All in all I think it went very, well.



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