The Cargo Duffle

IMG_7493.JPGAh Yes! What can I say… Late to the party again, but I did it… I got there

So let me tell you about my cargo duffle experience. 1st off of was looking for a messenger bag for work, something little more interesting that what I was finding out there. One night at home I came across this lovely pattern by “noodle head” for Robert Kaufman. (It’s free…go get it) I thought it was a good sized bag, and If I needed to modify if I could, based on the shape and its construction. I also liked that  it really was pretty gender neutral, which is hard to find, and really could take any fabric I could throw at it.

I have now made a few of these so far. For myself as my ever day work bag; for friends for overnight weekender bags; and lastly I have been asked to make some for co-workers.

The Very 1st one I made was true to the full instructions. I followed them to a T, and I have to say that it was in interesting time. I found binding all the seams on the inside was little annoying. I had to look at how to make it more … Lining friendly. Which I did with some modifications, which meant that I would add things like, inner pockets, and zipper compartments.

I love the idea of modifying a pattern, and working it to the needs I have, and the clients might have. Such things I have done include: Wider gussets, bigger pockets, secret brolly pocket, zipper pockets, shoulder strap, quilting…. ECT. I currently have one for sale on my Etsy site.

I will say from that 1st bag I made, I learnt a lot, and I am still learning each time I put a new one together. Each time, I get faster and faster, and I always come up with something new and exciting!







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