The Fold ( the fold over bag )

Are you into the fold?

I have seen many bags/purses/ clutches with this feature. The feature of a fold over upper portion of the bag. I have always wanted to make one, but just never truly took the time to get things together. I have finally done it!

I wanted something to complement my “Canadiana” collection. something small, something more manageable that could be taken out and about everyday. Naturally as part of the collection, it is a lovely red plaid, quilted on the diagonal, with denim accents. A classic look.

When I was making this there was also I thought in the back of my head of… will the snaps match up ? Will the pocket look ok ? will the plaid too much ? Really all the answers to that are…. yes! Everything worked out just right, and I think its a testament to the size of the check and the colour of the denim.

You can find the bag for sale here of my Etsy





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