The Market Tote

IMG_7629.JPGWhen ever I go to Europe, I always see these chic women coming and going to markets. With the days shopping ready to be cooked into something tasty, or a nice crusty baguette for a nibble in the park. You know the ones I am talking about. What do they all have? But a large market tote. Sturdy, vast, and interesting to look at; Tucked under one arm.

Anyone can be just as chic with this market tote. I think a large tote is something everyone should have in their stable of bags. You can always use one… at the beach, shopping, picnic, or just for everyday. A tote really can be the saving grace for a days out mall shopping. “No thanks… I don’t need your plastic bags… I have my market tote”

This tote, part of my Canadiana collection! I tried to keep the space as generous as possible, with out sacrificing pockets. The “over pocketing” of a bag can have an impact on the interior volume, which is why I wanted to keep this one simple. One zip pocket, and 3 small slip pockets, thus giving lots of room for everything else!

Most people don’t seem to understand why I also put feet on my bags. Well I think its finishes it in a classy way. You would go to a ball without the right shoes on would you? I take time to match the hardware of my bags with the fabric to create the right over all look. I have tossed projects because this element was not right. Here with this tote I used the right silver finish hardware in just the right places, to make sure a complete bag was made.

As I am sure you can tell, I have used another twist lock with this tote; A closure I was originally scared to use . What ? make a hole, and do what now ? Well I have to say I really like them. I have a feeling they will show up quite a bit in my work over the next few collections.



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