Who Hacks a Sewing Blog?


So this is the thing…WHO…. hacks a sewing / design blog?

Recently I got an email from my domain / hosting provider saying that my site was compromised, and that my data may have been stolen. To which they told me how to “sort of” fix it, and how not to have it happen again… cuz… it was my fault; you know all that good stuff. Now I have to say this is a new provided that a recently switched to, and frankly the service has been horrid. So I have gone back to the original .

Just to make things better, when I tried to solve all the issues, my site was wiped out. Everything… gone. I was a little stressed about that, and had a small freak out. SMALL.

I was not impressed to say the least. Again … who and why would anyone wanna had a small site like mine?

Anyways, I spent the charming time of having to dig everything back up. Load / find old files, and have a small cry. After many hours, and another small cry, think I have restored most things! The problem now is some of the 2017 posts were only stored with my hacked host; so lost. I am going to try and see, through my Instagram account, if I can restore/ remember what those posts where about.

Here is hoping.




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