Where have I Been?

I know I have not been very vocal as of late. Naturally I have been very quiet not only on here, but on most of the social media platforms I am on .

I have been busy… Very busy. So much so that really I have not had much time to do any sewing, writing, planning, or even keeping up with anything.

Why? Well My main work has been so very busy with all the projects going on. It’s that time of year in the design world, it happens, and I knew it was going to happen. Also I recently bought a cabin property, and lets just say that has been taking up so much more of my time then I even thought it would! Who knew?

That being said I don’t regret not doing it; Taking time away from sewing, or having a cabin and all the work that come with it. Sometimes one need a brake to really know how much you enjoy something. But also find new joys and hobbies in ones life.

I have missed sewing. Let me tell you, winter is coming, and I am going to be getting right back into it again. I think … possibly with even more vigour then before. Which I am sure is scary to some… and super exciting to others. So look for new projects and products soon

So back to what I have been doing for the last few months. Well I have done SOME sewing, but nothing on mass, and I will post all about all of that soon! Mostly though I have been building things, wood working , and living the cabin lifestyle. Decks, plaid, a mitre saw, and all the goodness that comes with those.

I’ll be posting a series of blogs called “Summer 2017” all about it! Please look out for them!





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