The time is now


I feel it might be the right time. What time? Well the time I think about actually taking my brand from one off items and small production runs, to more of a full item catalogue business.

Thats right, I think its about time that I make up a catalouge of products from which people can order from. Yes I am sure you all know what a catolouge is. I have a full time day job, yes, but I think I can make something like my sewing work for me too. I do a lot of bespoke items, that I don’t normally blog about, or even post much about. My normal outlet is Instagram for anything super one off, or any of the trial and tribulations that i maybe having with me sewing.

I have reached a point where I know my skills, and what I can product on a more mass market scale. Why you ask? well I like that idea of having my own grade out there more… a little narcissistic I know, but its just good business. A standarized list a products from which people can choose. These makes it so much easier for me, as I won’t have to guess what might that mean by a _____ ( insert product description here ). It’s clear, to the point, and ready to go! This also will give me the stock to head to craft fairs with, sell to stores, and conduct e-commece with.

Will I give up the bespoke items? Never… there is always room for those. Special client request lets once imagination run wild; but I just think this will take my small business to the next level!


Up up and away!



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