Do I join a quilting group

This has always been a hard one for me. Do I join a sewing group? Or even a Quilting group?

I live in Vancouver, Canada, and I am sure there are a number a sewing groups around. I also know that there is a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild as well, but do I join? I am sure all are great.

Here is my thing. I don’t always do the same things, which in its self if great and peachy keen, but I’m not really into being told ” today we are going to make a ______.” Its has never really benn my style. I’ll tell myself what to do, no question. Sometimes I don’t mind… Mostly I’m bonkers and ideas just flow and flow.

I have thought about joining the VMQG, but as of late, I don’t really make many quilts, unless its a special order or a gift. I don’t know if I would be the right fit on that a lone. I quilt my bags, pillows, things like that. Also when I look at that items they have put together… I am blown away! Am I technically there? Would they make fun of me? EEK!

Here is another thing, Most sewing groups are female dominated, which is totally fine! but… do they want a fox in the hen house? Maybe I start a male sewing group?





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