I took up knitting

So last winter I got a lovely nice chest infections. I know… great way to start the new years season. But from that I was laid up a rather lot. Namely laying in bed, watching netflix or the youtube. Naturally …. youtube came through with the “recommendations” section… and there is was… learn to knit. Knitting has always been interesting to me. A good knit blanket is always so cozy, and give that… “granny chic” sexiness.

I have a blanket my mother made me, but she crochet it. Not that is isn’t good, but I just want to learn to make myself one! I love the one my mum made.. again … LOVE IT!

So Laying in bed, I sat, and sat, and sat, and watched all of these beginners knitting programs. I can’t really take my sewing machine to bed, and I am not about to start to hand sew anything. So in a flu like state, I got up and took myself to my local Michaels store, luckily I like 3 blocks from one, and picked up some yarn… needles, and a prayer.

(Soup was also bought on said trip)

I sat, and took it all in, watching. seeing everything, and then I got to it. Personally I was not really interested in all the complicated stitched, I just wanted something easy that looked good, and would be cozy in the end. Let me tell you that it was hard at 1st, trying to get the tension right; trying to get the needles in hand right; just trying to get everything right. After a while, I got better and better, to the point where I was ready to start something.

As mentioned above, my mother is a crocheter, so she has lots of extra yard ends, small segments, all that. So my idea? Make a scrap blanket. I gathered it all up, and made it into one big ball of yard, and started working away at it.

I have found that knitting is a nice relaxing pass time; just get into the rhythm and go. Currently I am only knitting at my cabin, which really is ideal, is not electricity, or power is needed, and i can go with the flow. Im still working on the scraps blanket, and i look forward to it being totally complete





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