Coming up amazed

I have to say that some times … I amaze my self. This is not a good or bad thing; I just amaze myself. Also this does not mean that amazement is in a good or bad context, because let me tell you … I have moments both ways.

In my sewing life, I have found that I have moments of good and bad… Often a lot of bad; thats for another blog post. Just I wish that I was maybe technically better, or if I spend more time, or if I was little bit taller, a baller, a shot caller. 😛

Anyways… Other times I sit there, and think, “Wow… I am good”

Lately this has been taking place in the form are patterns. Reworking, reusing, re- everything, and really just coming out with my own. I find some patterns really long, or hard to follow, or just boring. I like simple and to the point, I don’t need long drawn out round about ways on how to sew a zipper. Maybe this is why when I come up with my own, they are short, point form affairs that most people can hardly understand. They make sense to me, so that is best.

This could be a large down fall because if I ever want to develop and make my own line of patterns then it is going to be hard. Not that doing that is not hard, but do I have the penitence…Or the time and effort to? Do I need to ? The idea does excite me, as I think it would be fun, but then… I would rather be sewing.

I am currently working on making a pattern for a bag, and I have everything I need to make it, and I am amazed at myself for coming up with it really. ( It takes techniques from a few patterns I have been following and compresses them into one ) How do I say that? How do I translate it from my own design language, to something everything else could follow?

I have thought about making up a youtube channel, and give tutorials, but am I a youtube face? Do I want to be? All I know if that I’m amazed at myself that I have brought me skills up to a point where really I can crate my own.




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