Hawaiian Quilts

As most know, I am a big fan of Hawaii, and I have been many times. I Every time I go there, I am always drawn to the quilts of Hawaii. You see the designs on tea towels, bags, quilts, and sorts of items. I can never not look.

I always get drawn to them. The colours, the simplicity, the stitch work; Something about them makes me happy. I have always wants to buy one, a quilt, but I only ever travel with a carry on, so a little hard to get that home.

Just like a good Hawaiian shirt, Hawaii pattern quilts, are something really that works in a tropical environment. Something about them makes you just feel happy. They remind you of the sun, the beach, the tropical fruit, or at least they of for me. Not that you could not add them to any interior, they really could be that perfect statement item

I took a look a few the last time I was over then, A few weeks ago, and making one would really not be to hard. Appliqué on a base fabric, not to bad. But the difficulty I think I would find would be over designing it, or really over thinking it. Most designs are done on a white background, with a generally solid design colour. I find it almost ultra modern. The quilting itself , is nice, and simple and super dynamic at the same time; following the contours of the design.

I would love to try and make one, and it is on my todo list of quilting projects. The real question is… do I making something safe? or go for something little more changing? I do love the pineapple designs. I did find that Accuquilt does make a die cut for such a quilt, which I have provided here.

Lots to thing about. I will post something if I ever get to making one









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