Bowled over


I am always looking for new craft ideas, or new items to add to my skill set. So when I stumbled upon a Sewing with Nancy video about using cord for home decor, I was intrigued. I started fussing about on YouTube looking for more on this topic, to which I came across another sewing with nancy video about making bowls with cord, I had to try.  But naturally I stayed up way to late, researching, and looking at ideas and designs.

The next morning, I started looking for cording in my sewing room. All I had was lots of 18 inch bits. Not ideal, but it would be a start, to see how things would come together. I naturally jumped at it, and got stuck in. Let me tell you, that starting off was a test. If you are going to make a bowl, start slowly. I also found the fabric wrapping a little hard, and awkward. So I only did it in select areas, just to try it out, and see how it would look. I also , with my 1st bowl, started to use up all the extra bobbins, and end of roll treads I had laying about. This made my 1st bowl very … Colourful. I would have to say with my 1st bowl is that, joining all the cords together was not a fun thing, that took time, and patience. But I got it done! I was proud, but I was out of cord, and wanted to make more!

When I was at the local hardware store this weekend, I found the cording section, and got a little giddy. I picked up a couple of packs of 50 foot natural cords for later. I wanted to go with natural because I just felt like it looked more organic, more worked. I also wanted to just use one long cord per bowl, with one colour thread. No colour changes, no trying to join things together.

When I got started this time, I made sure to go slowly, making sure the bottom was nicely secure. A bowl with a bad base, is a bad bowl. I got into it, and started going a round and a round, over and over, all in the same colour. At the end, I made sure to fold over the end to make a little loop handle for a little interest.

I really like how these turned out! I will have to be make more, and have to start selling/ coming up with a collection for my Etsy Site. I think I will have to try with different shapes, and sizes later on too.




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