Making Clothes

The idea of making clothes has always scared me. I don’t know why, but it always has and will. Well let me rephrase that, the idea of making everyday wareable clothes for myself/ others is what scares me.

It is not like I don’t have many many many clothing patterns, all hanging in my sewing room mocking me. I am just always scared of how to tackle them. This summer thought, since I could not find shorts I liked,  decided that it was well worth it for me to tackle at least one of the patterns I have ; a Burda mens shorts pattern.

I had fabric so that was not an issue, so I got started. Naturally I got stuck in, making a huge mess, and I was already … how to I put this… wanting to make as many changes as possible. Typically me. I decided I should make one pair of shorts, right direct from the pattern, sticking to it. Which I did, and they…. where “interesting” to say the least. I don’t have them shown in a picture as they were too “interesting” to be shown. But being me, I looked at the pattern, and thought… yes I will make this work for me. I got to cutting the pattern, adding parts, shortening others, so they would fit my body totally. It took a while for me to do this, as I have never gone to fashion school, or have never taken formal classes. All in all though it started to come along nicely!

Once I had, from what I what I thought would work, a pattern the would work, I got to sewing. First in the floral print, then the denim, naturally a stretch. Let me tell you, for a guy who has no fashion sewing training… I think I did very well!

Sewing for others… hmm I still don’t know how I feel about this yet. I think it would be more of an in-person thing. I would be to scared it something did not fit right. For myself, I can always make it work.






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