Beverly hills tote

So I am a big fan of the movie “Troop Beverly Hills.” Now if you don’t know that movie, then I suggest you stop reading this post and go rent it, and cherish every late 1980s fabulousness.

Anyways so the movie is just a treat, and for me, born in the 1980s made quite the impression. And who made it the most amazing movie? Well that would be Shelley Long, the heroine of the movie.

Now naturally no one should take a movie like this to seriously. There are many great moments and learnings from it, but its just a fun little romp.

How does one capture the greatness of a movie ? Why in a tote bag or pillows naturally! Why? Because if you are out and about shopping ( cuz shopping is your greatest thrill ) or over at someone’s house , the image on theses items, a classic neffler look, is an Instand conversation starter. Will everyone get it ? No , but if you are in the know, you get it .

If you looking for for Phyllis Neffler items let me know, I’ll try and help !


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