Summer 2017 – The Planter


How hard can it be? Really famous last words of someone about to cut off a finger, and hurt themselves in some sort of epic fail. So when I when shopping for planters for the cabin, I thought… “How hard could this be?” I kept seeing things, that I “kinda” liked, or things that I did like were so very expensive, and poorly made. Things which are stapled together do not warrant my dollars.

Anyways, I thought how hard can it be to make my own? I would just need some wood, a design, and time. Being that I was at my cabin, lets face it, I had the time. Wood was easy to get too, I would just pop down to the local Ace hardware and get what I needed. Design? Well I did go to school for design, so I thought I would come up with something nice, or at least as nice as what the big box stores had. This was also a great time to get about my new pocket hole driver set, and all the lovely green ryobi tools.

Design , design, was the question. I knew that I wanted something simple, what would be about to complete in an afternoon. I got out the pen, and paper, and starting drawing. One I had something I liked, I ran down to Ace and got what I need. I went for a basic cube form, with hidden legs, and a nice lip on top. Plus I was really testing my skills so I did not want anything to crazy.

Once I got the frame done, all make with screws and glue so nothing would fall apart, I added the siding/corners/top. I felt I had done a rather good job, making all the right cuts and angles. Once everything was good, I felt a little crafty and got out the wood filler to make sure no one could see the screw holes. SMRT I know.

All in all I think I did rather well. I just painted with a Benji Moore colour called “Storm AF” and that was that. Total cost was $32 CND per box. WAY better then the $125 I saw at the big box. I am most pleased! And with the design I came up with, it will be easy to resize to what ever is needed in the future



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