Well I keep saying it.. Oh I’m back , here I am again , look at me… choose me. here I am …Again…

So what can I say . Much, much , much has been going on since I last posted. Many highs, lows, and everything in-between . It have been a rather large journey.

I know that sounds vague and totally douchey of me, but I guess I should run down some things.

So …. Things….

  1. I have been so so so very busy with work. I got a promotion, which means I have been traveling, working hard, and spending a little less time in the sewing room. Don’t worry thought. I have not been out of there completely. I will have things to show you. But what it does means is that I have to be more selective with the amount of projects/ bespoke/ sewing I take on. I have to edit and limit myself. What does that mean? I don’t know yet.
  2. There was a family member in the hospital for a while So never a good thing, but we made it though it.
  3. I was traveling in the UK visiting my sister. So that took a large chunk of time. Not that this was bad, far from it, There was a lot to see learn and do. Plus I got to look and interesting fabric stores, buy a few things, and just relax.
  4. There was a death, as a close family friend passed.
  5. I have been doing doing sewing for myself. Me … Just myself. Which oddly was nice for a change.


So what this all mean? So really lets be honest. I have no posted/ listed/ done nothing with anything to do with me website/ etsy/ twitter / face book… Nothing. NOTHING! I just have not had time, more the emotional draw. But it is back. Don’t worry I will be sewing lots, with lots of things to show, and talking about, so that might make up for it . Might.

So that is what I have for you. I have about 40 posts that I need to get going with, so I might have to start.





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