For the love of quilts.

So there is the thing. I have not been quilting much at all…at all. I mean, I do quilt the panels for my bags and such, but what I am talking about is actual block by block quilting. The stuff that got me into sewing in the 1st place.

This a few weekends I got to take in the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild quilt show; oddly my first ever show, and got inspired to quilt again.

When I started to get back into sewing, a number of years ago now, it was because I was working as an interior designer, and I needed to make some pillows for a client. Simple . And I really enjoyed it . All the sewing really before that was in grade 8 home ecc. Anyways it was with pillows… and it grew, but when I started googling / YouTubing quilting, I was getting these videos and articles with, not that’s its bad, but old old ladies… working on … what I would says as ….”country grandma” things . yes there is a time and a place, but in Alexander’s world , I am not the one .

I have never really been a traditional quilter in the 1st place . One … I’m a guy …two … I always had this vision of how quilts “were suppose to be” based in what I would see on on the tv or in catalogs. Let’s be honest … I’m a child of the 80s/90s…. it was he sears catalog. And three … well I don’t know if there was a three.

Again that is my view / seeing . So I got a little discouraged, but I did happen to find a video by the Missouri star quilt company called “the jelly roll race” That was it ! New world right opened ! So easy and so simple , but yet so chic .

Anyways , that got me looking for morning quilters / quilt videos . And then the instagram happened , that was it . And I was super into quilting . See the quilt show made me think about when I was quilting all the time. There is something about a quilt .

I know I have a few occasions coming up that might require a quilt gift . Maybe it’s time for my to do more quilting itself . Maybe I’ll join the vancouver modern quilt guild .

Lots to think about

Alexander ~


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